Homeschooling on the Road – Is it Legal?

Although homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, the requirements may vary considerably from state to state. The best advice for traveling homeschoolers is to follow the homeschooling laws in the state in which they are legally domiciled, regardless of where they travel – unless they will be living in one state for 3 or more months, in which case they ought to follow the laws of that state.

Homeschooling requirements should be a factor that full-timing families consider when choosing a home base state. Some states, such as Texas, have minimal requirements, while others may require supervised testing, record-keeping, etc. Parents can obtain information about these requirements by contacting the state Department of Education. Often, a homeschooling group in that state will have helpful information as well.

Roadschooling Defined

Roadschooling, Roadschool, Roadschooled is a homeschool educational alternative to public school and involves the education of children using the resources of a country or state as a database of information for teaching. This method of schooling is generally done by a parent, usually while traveling full-time, and provides a hands-on, personal experience for learning. Roadschooling is subject to the same regulations that homeschool families face, and vary from state to state. Parents must register their children in their “home state” and must meet the regulations that their state requires.

Roadschooling differs from homeschooling in that it requires more flexibility by nature. You can plan but be prepared to drop everything for that once in a life time experience that presents itself where you least expect it. When you are traveling these unique opportunities tend to pop up quite often.

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